23 Story Worthy Work Moments
23 Story Worthy Work Moments

23 Story Worthy Work Moments

23 Story-worthy moments at work

  1. Connected Virtual Culture - Just because you're not in the cube next door doesn't mean you're not crushing it with your hybrid team. Recognize' em in with a story. 
  2. “Just Doing My Job” -  Hearing this often means, “I’m giving it my all because I care.” This a great chance to give credit where its due, and when least expected.
  3. First Impressions - Whether it's a new hire or the first time working with someone. That first interaction was etched on your brain. Perfect moment to share a story. 
  4. A Surprise Mentor - When you've been around the block you owe your sage advice to others. Share positive feedback and reinforce what matters with a story.
  5. Perfectly-timed Help - So you thought you could do it alone. When someone shows up at just the right time to lend a hand or their back … give them a story. 
  6. First of Anything - It's not easy to break from status quo, to introduce something new, or to take a chance. Applaud those who try new things big and small.
  7. Project Progress - Big project with lots of milestones? Applaud small wins and lessons learned. Use stories to show progress and appreciation at the same time.
  8. Customer Feedback - It’s validation that your efforts matter. Share a story to make sure “everyone” involved realizes their connection and contribution to customer success. 
  9. Wins (and losses) - Celebrate wins and the small victories in defeat. Ring the bell by sharing a story. It's one thing to be loud, it's another to remember why. 
  10. Company Initiatives - Build support by recognizing examples that highlight the positive impact and good things that come from new priorities and investments.
  11. Intern Impact - Give them the gift knowing that their contribution mattered. Sharing intern success stories also make you really attractive to top candidates. 
  12. Personal Achievements - They finished school while working, earned a volunteer award from the charity you support. Applaud personal accomplishments with a story.
  13. Capture Lessons Learned - Behind every lesson-learned there's a story that can make us all better next time around. Be bold and share it.
  14. New Hire Welcome - It feels great to know that you're making a splash when you dive in as someone new. Welcome them with a story when you see them support your values.
  15. Applaud Team Spirit - Some show pride when it's needed most. They surprise you with their energy and positivity. Applaud them for reminding us we belong to something cool. 
  16. Partnership Progress - Build strong relationships with partners by recognizing the small successes that you achieve together. 
  17. Exceeding Expectations - When you get more than what you expect, someone did more than what was expected of them. Let them know by sharing a story. 
  18. O’ Shoot Moments - Made a wrong step but it all worked out? Recognize those who came through. Then capture a story so others can learn.
  19. Wearing Many Hats - Some people balance a lot because necessity calls for it. There's a story in what they accomplish wearing those hats and it deserves to be shared. 
  20. Hidden Talents - “Wow, where did you learn to do that?” When surprise skills and undiscovered talent shows up big, give em props with a story.
  21. Volunteer Efforts - Those who give back make our communities and companies better. Share their story to inspire a culture that stands for good.
  22. Organize This! Behind the scenes it was no easy task to pull off that 100 person zoom call. When they pull together all the pieces share a story to show them it rocked.
  23. Fun and Laughs - Work can be serious right now. Recognize those who raise the fun factor for everyone. It takes good people to lighten things up. Their unique ideas deserve a story.