14 Easy Employee Campaign Ideas
14 Easy Employee Campaign Ideas

14 Easy Employee Campaign Ideas

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14 Awesome employee story campaign ideas

  1. Celebrate Success - monthly campaign to collect stories aligned to values.
  2. New Hire Heroes - campaign to collect stories about new hires and their impact.
  3. Yearbook - end of year campaign to capture team's most notable milestones.
  4. Day in the Life - campaign highlighting an employees' day (by staff level).
  5. First Month Wrap - Invite new hires to share highlights from their 1st week or month.
  6. Anniversaries - campaign to collect employees' proudest moment for every year.
  7. Intern Impact - seasonal campaign to capture stories about intern work experiences.
  8. Campus Recruiting - capture stories alumni who attended schools you recruit from.
  9. Career Transition - Spotlight employees' successful transitions from another industry.
  10. Candidate Journey - campaign to capture stories about the candidate journey.
  11. Mentor Moments - campaign to spotlight mentor and mentee relationships.
  12. Corporate History - Get tenured employees and alumni to share pivotal moments.
  13. Training Time - invite employees to share a success related to prior technical training.
  14. Day, Week, Month Celebrations - Administrative Professionals Month, etc.