Value and ROI Checklist

Our PrioritiesDescription
1. Employee recognition
We will promote them internally focus on employee impact.
2. Share with candidates
We will share them with candidates to personalize the experience.
3. Incorporate into interviews
We will give them to interviewers to emphasize and validate our EVP.
4. Share during onboarding
We will welcome new hires with behaviors that are key to quick impact.
5. Increase social media posts
We will increase flow of content to stay relevant without big investment.
6. Add to internal newsletter
We will add to communications to increase visibility and transparency.
7. Talent network newsletter
We will share with talent network to keep them engaged and interested.
8. Link employee referral program
We will encourage sharing to increase exposure to employee networks.
9. Management presentations
We will weave into key presentations to emphasize lessons-learned.
10. Enhance employee awards
We will use stories to turn nominations in culture building stories.
11. Business Development
We will share them with clients to introduce new experts and resources.